Strange but Good Sweet Pasta & “Meat(Cake)balls”

When I went to Rome I knew I wanted to bring some pasta back; the Italian’s LOVE their pasta and the amount of choice was unbelievable.
You could get pasta in virtually every size, shape and colour over there..

Sprint 2 the Table

One of the more unusual things I picked up was a bag of cocoa pasta…I know right, chocolate in pasta?!


I was curious and wondered what on earth I was going to do with it.
Should I use it in a regular pasta dish?
Or maybe be a bit more adventurous?

I opted for the latter.
The pasta itself doesn’t really taste particularly “chocolatey” but my idea for sweet pasta was set in stone.
So I boiled it up, let it cool, then stirred through some white chocolate flavoured greek yoghurt and topped it with some chocolate casein protein cake balls…to resemble the meatballs.

In my opinion a LOT better than regular pasta & meatballs..but then again I’ve got a huge sweet tooth.

Definitely one of the stranger concoctions I’ve come up with but wow, was it good!

Pasta and Cakeballs

by Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 10 minutes


    Pasta & Sauce

    • 30g pasta
    • 150g greek yoghurt
    • 1 options sugar free white hot chocolate mix

    Chocolate Cake Balls

    • 1 egg white
    • 1 tbsp coconut flour
    • 1 tbsp casein protein powder
    • 1/2 tbsp cocoa powder
    • sweetener
    • 1 tbsp greek yoghurt
    • 1 tsp baking powder
    • enough water to make a cake like consistency


    Pasta & Sauce

    Boil up the pasta, drain and allow to cool.

    Mix together sauce ingredients and pour over pasta.

    Chocolate Cake Balls

    Beat together all the wet ingredients.

    In a separate bowl combine dry ingredients, add wet to dry and beating in.

    Cook in the microwave for around 2 minutes; allow to cool.

    Cut into cubes and then roll into balls and pop onto your pasta!

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    What flavour sauce do you like on your pasta?
    Would you try a sweet option or is it a step too far?

    WIAW : MIA.

    Okay, so I’ve kind of been a bit missing in action recently…
    My life at the moment has consisted of : gym,  uni, work, Breaking Bad..repeat.

    Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

    I’ve been so busy the past week that I just haven’t really had chance to sit down and write a post..but it’s WIAW and how could I resist?!
    Especially with all the delicious goodies I’ve been having this week, some slightly strange but all amazingly delicious.

    So be prepared for an onslaught of food..


    peanut butter banana waffles (1)
    {Peanut Butter & Banana Protein Waffle Stack – Peanut Butter Waffles layered with peanut greek yoghurt and sliced banana. Topped with a big dollop of peanut butter, more banana & Walden Farms caramel sauce}


    {Millionaire’s Shortbread style oat parfait – crushed vanilla Snackimals as the base, topped with a caramel Greek yoghurt + Walden Farms caramel sauce + chocolate egg white overnight oats}

    {Super Fluffy Vanilla Protein Pancakes layered with raspberry Greek yoghurt + banana slices}


    {Banana Cream Pie Egg White Oats – Egg white oats with Jello Sugar Free Banana Pudding mix stirred through, topped with 1/2 slice homemade banana bread + Walden Farms Maple Syrup + some Low Fat Squirty Cream}


    I’ve been on a bit of a toasted sandwich/wrap kick for lunches this week, it’s weird…I really like toasted sandwiches but hate them when the bread is regular…there’s something about the texture I just don’t like.

    {An Ole Low Carb Wrap my Dad brought me back from the U.S spread with orange spiced greek  yoghurt, tomato + basil chicken + avocado + extra cinnamon}

    {Toasted Sandwich with tomato & basil chicken, mozzarella + avocado + a side salad with mustard}

    {Another Ole Low Carb wrap spread with Pumpkin Jam (probably one of the most amazing things I’ve ever bought, vanilla greek yoghurt + 1/2 a banana}

    I was lucky enough to go out for dinner a couple of days ago to one of my favourite restaurants; I opted to have a fish I’d never tried before…it wasn’t the best to be honest..a bit tough; but the dish as a whole was quite tasty.

    {Grey Mullet + Basil Crushed Potatoes + Squash + Vegetables}


    Back on this post here… I mentioned that I may have to make a sweet “spaghetti and meatballs”…well despite how strange it sounds it was amazing!! I’m going to post up the whole recipe for it for Sprint 2 The Table’s Strange But Good Link Up on Friday but for the mean time I shall just share a brief description and a tasty looking picture…

    I guess it could also be classed as “spooky” – I’m sure you could put a Halloween spin on it by dying the Greek yoghurt orange  and maybe making the chocolate cake into little skulls.

    {Cocoa Pasta topped with White Chocolate Greek Yoghurt sauce + Chocolate Casein “cakeballs”}

    I’ve been loving making protein fro yo in my blender this week too; for a while I just couldn’t seem to get it right…every time it would be wayyyy too soupy and more like liquid than fro yo. I have eventually perfected it; lots of ice + xantham gum + half a scoop of vanilla casein! Flavour and top it as you wish!

    {Vanilla Fro Yo + healthy cocoa chocolate sauce + Peanut Butter Puffins + Muddy Bears}

    {Banana Fro Yo + Caramel Sauce + Peanut Butter Puffins}

    … or if I didn’t fancy fro yo it would be Greek Yoghurt bowls…
    with loads of toppings!
    {Vanilla Greek Yoghurt + Caramel Sauce + Peanut Butter Puffins + Rice Pops + a Custard Cream}

    {Greek Yoghurt + 1 milk chocolate Jazzy + 1 white chocolate Jazzy + 1/2 slice homemade banana bread + Peanut Butter Puffins + Melted PB + Walden Farms Caramel Sauce}.

    …Okay so just writing this post has made me hungry!!!
    Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday!
    Do you like your fro yo with lots of toppings? Favourite?
    Sandwiches – toasted or not?

    MIMM : Playing Catch Up

    The first MIMM of October is eventually here and things are properly starting at Uni in terms of having to look for placements etc, which means that the weekend has been filled with browsing job sites and doing applications – lots of numerical/verbal reasoning! There’s lots of places where I could go but there’s one thing for certain, I definitely do not want to work in London! It’s weird; there’s lots of other cities where I’ve been abroad (for example New York) where I’d love to work in the city, but there’s something about London that I’m just not a huge fan of, the hustle bustle, the daily commute and the extra expense is just something I don’t fancy for my internship…this kind of takes out quite  a few options but thankfully there are still lots of major food companies that aren’t based in London where I could go! I’m looking to do something like new food product/brand we shall see!!

    MiMM MIMM #70 with a Big Rubber Duck and Family Getaway!

    Anyway – so things haven’t been all work and no play.
    Personal highlight of last week was going into town an hour and a half before my lecture and sitting in Starbucks to have breakfast – porridge with pumpkin spice syrup in it (if you haven’t tried this I urge you to, it’ amazing) and breading the the newspaper, perfectly relaxing way to start my morning before heading in for a long day of lectures.



    Despite being a long day, I’m in pretty much all day on a Thursday, one of my modules this year is really good, we’re quite a small class, there’s only 8 of us, and the lecturer is really nice and since it’s a new food product development module she brought us different food/drinks to try and munch on in class, all in the name of ‘learning’ of course. We got to try some daikon crisps; I still really want to try the real thing though, despite the apparent obnoxious smells!

    On leaving campus there were loads of Galaxy chocolate sales people handing out free chocolate bars, so of course I picked up a couple. Cannot beat a freebie!!!


    The weekend was spent at work/at the gym.. I was working Saturday morning and then hit up the gym straight after for some HIIT on the stepper.
    Sunday was then filled with a really heavy lower body strength workout; I eventually got to try some new supplements I’d ordered – I got some beta alanine, creatine & citrulline malate to have a go of! I’m such a worrier though that early morning when I was walking up to the gym I specifically walked up the residential route instead of the bridle path I normally walk up in case I had some horrendous allergic reaction and collapsed! Luckily all was okay, apart from those beta alanine tingles – but even then they’re not too bad!!

    Over the weekend I also developed a new obsession…this always happens to me…as previously stated in an earlier post I have just gotten into Downton Abbey; however after hearing all the hype about how amazing Breaking Bad was, and being the TV fanatic that I am, I decided that I just had to watch it! I know that it’s all over now and I’m seriously playing catch up, but thankfully (and surprisingly) I haven’t found out anything about any of the series and how it ended…I’m hoping that it’s going to stay this way. However the amount that I am loving it does not bode well for other things I probably should be doing….

    I eventually got round to tidying up some more of my Birthday things too..

    I put my new cupcake air freshener in my room..


    Isn’t he a cutie?! And he smells of frosting!!!

    I used one of my Spongebob straws in a can of Monster Zero when I was feeling in need of an energy boost!


    Which obviously made it taste so much better!

    And I used some Despicable Me cupcake toppers on some Gingerbread Maple Frosted Protein Cupcakes I made.



    Following last week’s French Toast obsession I made some more over the weekend; this time it was Nutella style!


    I dipped the egg in a chocolate protein mix, layered it with hazelnut greek yoghurt and then topped it with some low fat squirty cream, chocolate sauce and Nutella.



    When I went food shopping I also came across this amazing new ice cream – Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough; as if cookie dough could be any more incredible


    Safe to say this is one my favourite ice creams ever and has completely reignited my love for Mint Choc Chip!

    Yoghurt bowls also featured heavily this weekend in terms of eats.
    I just love how versatile they are in the sense that you can pretty much throw whatever you want into them…

    I had one with some Mint Chocolate Candy Cane Protein Cheesecake that I made crumbled on top.


    I smashed up a couple of candy canes and stirred it into the mix hoping that it would add a nice crunch element; instead they just melted down and give the cheesecake a nice sweet minty flavour (slightly upsetting as I wanted that nice crunch appeal).

    And one topped with Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce, Peanut Butter Puffins, Chocolate Better n Pb and Rice Pops.


    And then another topped with Shreddies, Rice Pops, Walden Farms Caramel Sauce + Justin’s Honey Almond butter which I tucked into watching Downton Abbey last night.

    It was a toss up between that and the first new episode of this season of Homeland…I decided that Downton Abbey was more of Sunday type of programme so Homeland shall be watched tonight..

    I love my TV  programmes far too much!

    Would you like to work in a hustle bustle city?
    Did you watch Breaking Bad (no spoilers please!!)?

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Maple French Toast

    I’d never tried French Toast since this year; I’d heard loads about it..but for some strange, peculiar reason it had never passed my lips.


    The first time I made it I thought it was good, the second time I made it – even better, the third time (this time)..phenomenal!
    This time instead of using the seeded brown bread we normally have in the house for general usage I’d bought some sliced white crusty bread which just topped the whole thing off in terms of deliciousness.


    Coated in a chocolate peanut butter protein dip and then lightly fried for a few minutes each side.


    Then layered with a gorgeously sweet and creamy Maple Greek Yoghurt.


    Before being finished with some Reese’s dessert topper pieces, some low fat squirty cream and (of course) some Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce.


    It’s pretty safe to say that I did not want this to end and you could tell how much I enjoyed it just by the sheer fact that when I’d finished I had chocolate ALL around my mouth.


    I can imagine this would be even better topped with a huge dollop of pb on top too but unfortunately there was no room in my macros for that, but hey ho, it still hit the spot perfectly!

    Chocolate Peanut Butter Maple French Toast

    by Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat

    Prep Time: 5 minutes

    Cook Time: 5 minutes



      Chocolate Peanut Butter French Toast

      • 3 slices bread
      • 2 egg whites
      • 1 tbsp peanut flour
      • 1 tbsp chocolate peanut butter whey
      • 3 tbsp almond milk

      Maple Greek Yoghurt

      • 100g greek yoghurt
      • maple extract
      • sweetener


      Chocolate Peanut Butter French Toast

      Mix all ingredients in a bowl and then pour into a dish wide enough that you can dip your bread in it.

      Dip bread on each side and then fry on a low-medium heat until golden and toasted,around 3 minutes each side.

      Maple Greek Yoghurt

      Mix together ingredients and then layer your French Toast.

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      WIAW : Pumpkin Spice You Have Arrived!

      Ok, so here we are again, the start of another month, slowly drawing closer to the festive season!

      Spooky Snacks and Healthy Halloween Treats

      The colder weather means that I’m starting to crave more warming/comforting food…(although to be fair I love my big warming bowls of oats etc anyway)…but it also means that Starbucks have brought out their Pumpkin Spice Lattes yayyyyyy! Okay so they may not be officially out in the UK yet but I nicely asked my barista if they could make me one as I already knew the syrups were in, I opted for a Pumpkin Spice Cappuccino and mmm did it taste good!


      I’ve got a long day at uni tomorrow so I’m planning to head into town early for breakfast and sit in Starbucks and enjoy some Pumpkin Spice oatmeal!
      Hopefully the first of many!

      Since being back at uni/starting a job I was thinking that I was going to have to be carrying Tupperwares around with me everywhere but during the day I’m normally not that hungry so I’ve worked out a  nice little routine of kind of having a decent breakfast, then maybe just a small salad midday and then saving myself for some deliciously calorific meals later on in the evening, to fit my macros, when I’m back in.

      For example this amazing French toast creation that was consumed yesterday!


      Chocolate Peanut Butter Maple layered French toast topped with some low fat squirty cream + Reese’s Dessert Toppers + Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce


      I’ll post up the recipe for this later this week!

      Or how about some cocoa egg white oatmeal topped with some leftover pumpkin spice protein cake + 1/2 chocolate chip cookie dough poptart + Walden Farms Chocolate Sauce


      How about Banana Chocolate Fluffernutter oats?! My latest iHerb order arrived just before I headed off to Rome which meant that I had peanut flour to use for the first time in ages!
      I added some to my egg white oats and then topped it with some sliced banana, marshmallow fluff, chocolate chia peanut butter + Walden Farms Pancake Syrup.


      Heaven in a bowl. That is all.

      I’ve also been on a bit of a pasta kick recently, normally I’m not a huge fan of pasta but since I bought some really cool stripy multi-coloured pasta back from Rome I’ve been wanting to use it – plus it makes for a really dense satisfying carby meal when I haven’t eaten much throughout the day and need more carbs!

      I made a healthy mac n cheese with Laughing Cow Wedges + additions of chicken, broccoli + sundried tomatoes.


      &  also a roasted vegetable ratatouille pasta, also with chicken (for that extra protein!).


      I also brought some cocoa pasta back from Rome…I’m not sure whether to use it in a sweet or savoury dish! I’ve never seen a sweet pasta before so I’m kind of feeling inspired to make one!! Maybe a white chocolate sauce?! Or I could make a “pasta & meatballs” style dish..but have the meatballs made out of protein cake…INSPIRED!

      Of course the waffles have still been making an appearance this week (you didn’t think I was going to get sick that quickly did you?!)


      Hazelnut protein waffles topped with some scrambled egg whites + chocolate sauce.

      Gingerbread protein waffles topped with a chocolate peanut butter sauce (1 tbsp peanut butter, 1 tbsp peanut flour, 1 tbsp choc pb whey + almond milk).


      My first roasted parsnips of the year were also consumed this week; these are easily my favourite part of Christmas dinner and as soon as it starts to get even slightly wintery I love having them as part of an accompaniment to a meal!


      Lemon pepper salmon, roasted parnsips + kale.

      Kept me nicely fueled for my 5-9 shift working for a student discount night!


      Pumpkin Spice Latte or Cappuccino?
      What’s your favourite pasta sauce?

      When in Rome…

      Phew! So I’m back! I got back on Sunday afternoon pretty much exhausted but still made it to the gym to do a good work out! City breaks are always so different to sun/beach holidays where instead of coming back feeling relaxed and refreshed you come back feeling like you’ve been on a 3 day trek somewhere!
      It seemed to be that on the flight back everyone had just fallen apart on their trip to Rome, there was a woman who had obviously sprained her ankle and now couldn’t walk, another who’d broken his arm and then my Mam limping along as she’d gotten the worst blister I have ever seen..which is slightly worrying with her being diabetic as they can form into ulcers…hers is now infected so she had to go to the doctors as soon as we got back to get some really strong anti biotics so it doesn’t get any worse, as it can spread… We’re not too sure what caused it as she wasn’t wearing any shoes that rubbed, but we certainly did walk A LOT.

      Other than my Mam’s injuries the trip was AMAZING, the flight there was only 2hr 30 mins so it went really quickly and we landed in Rome in really good time and hopped on the train straight away to get to the station near our hotel, when we got off the train the searing heat hit us, we weren’t expecting it to be this hot for this time of year but it was beautiful! After some slight detours and map navigating through side streets we eventually made it to our hotel to just drop off our cases, freshen ourselves up and head out into Rome!

      DAY 1

      We hadn’t realised actually how close we were to the Colosseum, but as soon as we turned the corner there it was! Our first day wasn’t our Colosseum day though as we planned to do that the next day where we could get up earlier and avoid the queues, so we headed off to find a good gelato shop as I hadn’t had any lunch! As we reached the top of the road we saw the huge Victor Emmanuel Monument, dedicated to the first king of Rome, straight away I could see how beautiful the buildings/architecture was going to be, I have never seen anything like it, the sheer size + intricate detail was incredible…we pretty much saw this building everyday as it was always on our routes to wherever we were walking.



      After some navigating around the streets (they all looked the same!) we eventually found Il San Crispino, a gelato shop that I’d heard about that was apparently incredible, they served all their gelato in steel metal pots and came in a range of unique tempting flavours, I opted for a small tub of caramel with meringue pieces, flecked with crunchy caramel. Unfortunately with my gelato I do rather like a cone + I kind of treat it as lunch, so although it was delicious I kind of felt leaving a bit unsatisfied…which of course meant…MORE GELATO! I’d promised myself that on this trip away I would have no regrets about food that I “hadn’t allowed” myself to we headed to another gelato shop near the Trevi fountain where I got a delicious cone filled with pistachio, hazelnut, creme caramel, zuppa inglese (a Italian custard) & strawberry! I loved how you could get so many tries of lots of different flavours.





      I sat down and ate it opposite the Trevi fountain, after much maneuvering to get a was crazy busy!! The Trevi fountain was so gorgeous and is kind of just lurking down a side street, you turned a corner and BAM it was there!  We took a few photos around there and enjoyed the atmosphere before throwing some coins in and heading off to see the Spanish Steps.



      To be honest I didn’t think the Spanish Steps were that amazing, I’m not sure whether it’s just because they were so busy that all you really saw was a swarm of people, but I didn’t think they were anything spectacular. Also by this time we were starting to flag after walking around in the heat for hours, so we sat down and watched the world go by for a bit to rest our feet. Walking up to the top of the Spanish Steps there was a gorgeous view of the Rome skyline!

      Before we headed off for our evening meal we walked up to the Piazza del Popolo, translating to “people’s square”, which is a large urban square, complete with fountains + churches.



      I was really excited to try all the different food in Rome, I was hoping to try some really specialty dishes as I’m not an enormous lover of pizza/pasta and prefer meat/fish for my main meal. Unfortunately for my first meal out there I think I chose badly, I thought I was going to be ordering some delicious balsamic chicken baked with parmesan and rocket..instead I kind of got some shreddy chicken tossed in a bit of vinegar plonked on a bit of rocket with a few parmesan shavings…so disappointing and my Mam’s pizza looked and tasted so much nicer! Oh well!



      Maybe I should have opted for the “sea bass crazy water”….


      DAY 2

      Waking bright and early we headed down to the little breakfast area our hotel offered where it was filled with pastries, little boxes of cereal, yoghurts + boiled eggs. To be honest I was never really that hungry on a morning so I ended up having the same thing every day, a few boiled egg whites + some cornflakes mixed with a yoghurt. Tasty, small and set me up for the day, leaving the majority of room for gelato later!





      The Colosseum was the first thing on our list for Day 2 as we wanted to beat the queues and get straight in! Despite being there at 9am it was still pretty busy and you had to fight to get pictures etc, I loved walking around it though and it’s amazing to think how long it’s been there for…it also stirred up a desire for me to want to watch Gladiator again!





      Our ticket also covered entry to the Palatine/Roman Forum, which I didn’t think was going to be anything spectacular as from afar it just looked like a bunch of old ruins. In fact it was really interesting and some of the sights/buildings were amazing. It’s quite hard to believe that people used to live there!

      Next stop was a well known square called Piazza Navona that was complete with 3 beautiful fountains and a hive of cafes/restaurants/shops, on our walk there there was lots of streets Mam & I still found this one the most amazing..


      A man seeming to balance on a pole!

      Anyway, when we got to the Piazza Navona it was around lunch time so we stopped in one of the cafés for something to eat…gelato… after looking at the menu I decided to opt for something known as “tartufo”, gelato that is covered in a chocolate shell. I went for the white chocolate one as I’m not particularly fond of chocolate ice cream. It was delicious! White chocolate gelato, with a dark chocolate square inside and then coated in white chocolate shards + whipped cream mmmm!








      We looked around quite a few of the little shops in the area as there was a few selling some really nice stuff, I bought quite a lot of postcards for scrapbooking purposes and my Mam picked up a fridge magnet for a keepsake to have at home.



      Following this we made our way to the Pantheon, a temple dedicated to the Roman Gods, complete with a huge hole in the dome like structure so when it rains all of the water just comes flooding through!!



      …and then I had some more gelato…this one was easily the best one of the entire holiday with Snickers, Cookies (I got a whole cookie in my gelato!!!) and Zuppa Inglese. The woman who served me was extremely generous…yum!


      We returned to the Piazza Navona for dinner that evening where thankfully this time I chose a bit better and had some salmon in a mint/lemon sauce with roasted artichokes, red onion + tomatoes!



      My Mam had some pasta arrabiata… I had a try and um wow, fresh pasta cooked al dente tastes so much better than the type I’m used to at home!! I decided that I would definitely be having pasta for the last night!

      DAY 3

      Although not particularly religious, the Vatican was obviously going to form a part of the holiday.


      The walk to Vatican city was pretty long but we set off early in the morning so the heat wasn’t too bad, although my Mam was hobbling quite a bit as her blister had gotten even bigger! When we arrived there despite it being quite early in the morning it was already heaving! I have never seen so many people!

      We were planning to see the Basilica first and we standing in the queue for that and nearly got coerced into paying for a tour, I hate the pressure type selling you get from tour guides!! Managing to escape we decided to instead visit the Sistine Chapel and Vatican Museum..there were hoards and hoards of people and inside the art galleries we were all packed in like sardines. It was so hot and humid and it seemed to go on forever, by the time we eventually got to the Sistine Chapel I felt like I was going to pass out and was in serious need of a drink!!!





      Despite this the art was absolutely incredible, the details and the time it must have taken is astounding and I would say if you’re visiting Rome it’s definitely something worth doing just for the experience to say you’ve seen it.

      By the time we got out of the Sistine Chapel I felt like I was flagging a bit…which obviously was my body telling me that I needed gelato! So we walked into the shopping area of Vatican city, it seemed more of a local area as opposed to tourist built, which was nice, meaning that there were lots of nice little shops/bakeries/cafes. This time my gelato was nutella, kinder cereal, white chocolate and tutti frutti.


      Walking back up to the Basilica we passed an amazing local Italian specialty food store (aka my idea of heaven), unfortunately the staff didn’t speak English and my attempts at Italian weren’t the best so attempting to buy anything meant a lot of miming and pointing! I got a delicious little pick n mix bag of various Venchi chocolates + some yummy chocolate covered almonds they do out there in various different flavours, that were coated with a crispy shell. I got some Nutella flavour, banana, cream, pistachio + cassava…I’m now kind of wishing that I’d bought some to bring back home.

      The Italians love all of their hazelnut creams/paste like Nutella and this store was filled with delicious looking spreads..I spent about twenty euros buying a hazelnut chocolate cream paste, chocolate + sea salt spread and an AMAZING looking pistachio cream spread…now to me these seemed like pastes/solids but ohhhh nooo, unfortunately they got confiscated at Rome airport…boo hoo! We were only taking hand luggage so liquids/pastes of this size apparently weren’t allowed. I cried a bit inside and plan to order the pistachio paste online.

      Anyway back to what we were doing! We then went into the Basilica/main Vatican building, I can see if you were really religious how utterly over whelming this building would be, as even being non-Catholic I found it utterly breath taking! The sheer size/detail/ornateness of everything!




      We decided to slowly walk back to the Piazza Navona that afternoon for a leisurely cup of coffee and then ate on a side street later that night just by the Trevi fountain..I knew that I was going to have pasta that evening, it was just a question of what! I opted for the lobster pasta..thinking that it would be lobster meat mixed in….


      Oh no…I got a huge bit of lobster plopped on top and had to wrestle to get the meat out…let’s just say that I left this meal a bit of a mucky pup ahah. It was so good though! For dessert I had my new found coffee love…a coffee marocchino.. a shot of espresso topped with milk froth + cocoa….. yummmmm! I just need to find somewhere that makes these back in the UK.


      I think we shall end on another amusing menu shot…I think they meant “addition”….although obviously it was trying to tell me something ;).

      Have you been to Rome before? What was your favourite thing?

      Pumpkin Kabocha Smores Protein Waffles

      Okay this is just a quicky post as I only got back from Rome yesterday and was going to do a MIMM recap today but I haven’t had chance yet as I’ve been back to uni/work today and everything has started going full throttle! I’m going to try and get a recap and lots of photos done tomorrow but for now I shall leave you with this delicious pumpkin protein waffle recipe! Ciao!

      As if you needed any more flavours other than pumpkin to make something taste of autumn/fall in these pancakes there’s also the addition of sweet roasted kabocha + a s’mores element running through.

      pumpkin smores waffles

      Warming pumpkin spice, marshmallowy chocolate goodness and a moist satisfying protein packed waffle.. can anyone say yum?!

      Pumpkin Kabocha Smores Protein Waffles

      by Natalie @ Lift,Sleep, Eat

      Prep Time: 5 minutes

      Cook Time: 5 minutes


        Pumpkin Spice Protein Waffles

        Chocolate Pb Kabocha Mash

        • 50g mashed kabocha squash
        • 1.5 tbsp chocolate pb whey
        • 2 tbsp almond milk

        Marshmallow Greek Yoghurt

        • 100g greek yoghurt
        • marshmallow flavouring
        • sweetener



        1. Add dry ingredients to microwaved cauliflower, whisk in egg whites.

        2. Cook in waffle maker according to instructions.

        Chocolate PB Kabocha Mash

        1. Mix everything together and spread on top of waffles.

        Marshmallow Greek Yoghurt

        1. Mix together and spoon on top of the waffles; top with Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup.

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