Popping my Kabocha Cherry.

I have been conned! For the past few months I had seemingly been buying what I thought was kabocha squash from my local Waitrose store. I was a bit skeptical at first; they didn’t really look a whole lot like the kabocha squashes I’d seen on various other blogs. There was no big green giant here, but instead a small round orange shaped squash; but I thought “hey what the heck, the label says its kabocha, so I’ll take their word for it”.


It was tasty yeh, and I enjoyed it and was quite blissfully unaware that this WASNT THE REAL THING! I popped back in this week but one of my lectures at uni to find that these so called orange “kabocha” squashes I’d been buying had now been relabelled as onion squashes and they now had the real deal in – a proper big green kabocha squash. I did a little happy dance in the store and ended up taking a huge squash not only to uni with me but also the cinema afterwards (foodie problems)!


Anyway, it has just come out of the oven now and I’ve just stolen a little cube full and wowowowow is it amazing!! I feel cheated having eaten onion squash for so long! (I’m saving the rest for my tea, with a sweet PB2 sauce + vanilla protein sauce; alongside my chargrilled chicken breast – hey who says you can’t mix sweet & savoury?!) Definitely going to be featured on Sprint 2 The Table’s Strange But Good link up tomorrow….

Along with another little beautiful recipe I have been working on…but you’ll have to wait for tomorrow for that; all I’m gonna say is that if you love creamy warming puddings and ooey gooey peanut butter flavour without all the calories then you are going to love love love this! Here’s a little sneak peek….


Anyway other than getting excited about squashes and creating delicious new recipes I feel like I have lived in the cinema the past couple of days; yesterday I went to see the new Denzel Washington film Flight – I really enjoyed it. It was completely different to anything I’ve seen before and couldn’t really catergorise it into any specific genre!

Then today was my Dad’s birthday; I had an awesome chest + tricep workout this morning; although I got slightly squished under the barbell (note to self – do not try to push for failure when bench pressing without a spotter!) it left me having to get one of the gym staff to come and pick it up off me! Oh well! Haha! Afterwards I met my dad in the gym lounge; they serve such good food there and treated him to lunch! I got the sweet potato fish pie – it was off the kids menu, but boy was it tasty! Who says that you need to order off the adults menu?!

We then headed off to see Zero Dark Thirty; I’d been looking forward to seeing this for ages and the fact its based on reality, I think, always makes the film a  bit more exciting. It was amazinggg; yes it was quite long, but definitely kept you gripped.

Anyway I best go off and serve my tea now – don’t want my chicken frazzled to a cinder!
Have you ever eaten anything that you thought was something different?

Has anything embarrassing like getting stuck under a barbell happened to you at the gym?!

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